Blogging – The Ultimate Internet Business Income Generator

Did you know that whatever you are personally passionate about, you could make money off it?

By simply writing about it and sharing certain key pieces of information about subjects you’re an expert at or passionate about, you can make money off it. That is why the concept of running a blog is the ultimate internet business income generator. This content you are reading is on a WordPress blog which is based around the topic of starting an Internet Business.

The best part to making money through blogging is that it is completely passive. That is because you only need to publish a blog post once but you can make money off that post for a very long time. As long are visitors are able to find your content online and click on ads that are embedded on your blog, join your mailing list or perhaps click through links for your product & services on your blog you will make an income.

How do you get started?

The first thing that you need to understand about blogging for money is that not all niches topics you blog about pay the same. The key is to find information that is in demand and base your blog around that topic. The long and short of making money by blogging is to pick the right niche. This means you have to find a niche topic that has the following qualities

  • high enough consumer demand
  • decent commercial value
  • involves topics that you are personally passionate and knowledgeable enough
  • and can accommodate many different money-making methods

If you find a niche that fits the criteria above then you are on to a winner and it will be easier to make money from blogging.

The PROS of making money through blogging as as follows

It provides you with a passive income as once you write a post once it can generate income over a long period of time. If you publish enough and your blog gets enough internet traffic, this can bring in income every single month. The best part is you don’t have to stick around to earn that money because your blogs can be viewed 24/7 365 days a year. The past work you did continues to produce an income as long as people visit your website and click on links.

Another great thing about blogging for money is that you don’t necessarily have to write. There is this myth in the blogging world that you have to be an expert writer to earn an income. Believe it or not, you can just take what other people have published, repurpose that information on your blog and link out to the sources. This is called curation and it is perfectly legitimate to do.

Even if you can’t write for the life of you, you can still make money blogging as long as you curate high quality content in a tightly high regarded niche.

The Cons of Making Money through blogging.

The big disadvantage of this way of making money online is that it takes time to ramp up. It also depends on how visible you are on the internet. If you barely publish or you publish using  the wrong keywords and you are not really optimizing your blog for search engines and social media, you are probably going to struggle for a long time.

Finally, there are so many blogs out there that have failed because people simple did not promote them the right way and they also picked the wrong niches. As long as you avoid this 2 pitfalls you will be just fine.

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