Earn Multiple $25 payments with this Mobile App

Did you know you could earn a side income using apps on your smartphone? Multiple companies realized the potential of a mobile phone and developed multiple ways to help them (and you) make extra cash online and offline through the use of mobile devices. This time it will not be a standard work from home job as you will essentially be doing tasks for others and get paid for it.

Let’s start with the first app that helps you do that in the United States: Postmates.com.

Postmates, according to their website, will allow you to make up to $25 an hour, and the best part: you can start immediately! What is it exactly and how can you earn from this business?

It is a free app that you need to download on your phone, register and sign up. Once accepted, you will be notified of different jobs in your area. If there is one that interests you and you have time to complete it, you accept the offer and go! Note that this is not the standard work-from-home opportunity, as you will be asked to perform real life tasks. Most popular are:

  • Package delivery
  • Food delivery

Let’s take food delivery as an example. Your job will be to go to a chosen restaurant, make an order, pay for it, and deliver it to the address specified in the app. But don’t worry! You don’t need to risk your own money! Postmates will provide you with a prepaid card that will cover the cost of the order. Throughout your journey, the person who gave you the job will be able to monitor where you are. The app also allows the buyer to give you tips, so you can make more if you put in the extra effort!

The money will be deposited to your bank account 4-7 days after you successfully completed a job.

This is a completely safe and legit way of making extra dollars on the side. The app was featured on Forbes multiple times and made $1 billion (that’s right, with a B!) in sales before March 2017.

What if you are not based in the USA?

A similar concept is being done by Uber Eats. By the time of writing this article, pretty much everyone has heard about Uber. It is available on every single continent and you might be surprised to learn that you do not need a car to earn with Uber Eats! A scooter or even a bike will suffice. You will be asked to deliver multiple food orders and again, you can make up to $25 per hour, depending on the order, and get paid weekly.

The apps above are a great way to get an extra side income whenever you feel like making extra money. They will likely not be enough for a full time job, but can be enough to save up for paid programs online or just give you some spare cash for a Friday night out.