How To Build Your Business With Email Lists

In the modern age we live in, having a presence online is a huge advantage – if not mandatory to be able to scale your business. It doesn’t even matter if your business is not strictly an online business. Going digital will benefit your business more than remaining just a traditional, brick&mortar company and many have realized that already!

Using Email Newsletter in your business is on of the main and easiest methods to get results online. The way it works is very simple: your customers, prospective customers or simply anyone interested in learning more about your product or service gives you a permission to periodically send them information about your product, your niche, your company, new exciting deals… Anything you believe will add value and convince your subscribers to do business with you!

Here are the steps to build your own subscription list for your internet business.

Using a Squeeze page is mandatory

Squeeze page is an industry term to reflect the (usually) first page that you see when entering a website, which asks your visitor to do one simple thing: subscribe! Many websites use it as a gateway to further content, e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. This may or may not be practical for you. You have to decide where to put your squeeze page depending on the context of your website – make it practical! Another example are websites that display a pop-up squeeze page that asks you to subscribe after finishing an article or after spending a certain amount of time on the page.

Asking your visitors to leave their email address only to subscribe is highly recommended. However depending on the nature of your internet/online business you may require additional information from you prospects that include Name, surname, phone number. However, bear in mind your prospects may not want to share all that information with a stranger on the internet! On a similar note, you want to minimize the amount of work one has to do on your website. This is especially troublesome when surfing via a mobile device. Keep it simple. Email is enough.

Autoresponder is what makes it work

Where do you store all those emails from your amazing subscribers? There are many, many firms providing this service. They will take care of storage, often times help you put together a squeeze page and show you how to add it to your website, suggest multiple email templates and more! Getting it is a priority and it will make working with your list a walk in a park! Commonly used autoresponders are: AWeber, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, but others will surely work too.

Exciting and valuable emails will work wonders

Now that your subscriber numbers are growing, it’s time to start letting them get to know you! After all, they subscribed because they want to hear what you have to say. Let’s talk about how many emails to send. 4-5 a week is a sweet spot for most sites. Send less than 3 and your subscribers will forget who you are. Send more and you risk being remembered as a spammer! In certain cases, especially if you are more into the advertising niche, once or twice a day is acceptable. So make sure you research what others in your niche are doing, and if they are getting the results!

Consistency is everything

Make sure you keep it up! It may seem cumbersome to write 4-5 great emails a week, especially at the beginning, but this is what will bring you results. You get so much better at writing as time goes on, so don’t give up. And the revenue you get from it will serve as the best motivation there can be!

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