How To Earn An Income Online Without Selling Anything (2020)

Most people think you need to sell product and services online in order to make money but there is a concept called Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing that you can get involved in that doesn’t entail selling. CPA Marketing involves earning a commission when your prospects, visitors perform an action on the offer you are promoting. The action might be filling out a form, signing up for a trial, obtaining a quote for auto insurance or downloading and installing software.

There are lots of different CPA Offers you can promote ranging from email submits where your prospects enter their basic email to receive information on how to be in with a chance to win something to lead generation offers where they may be required to enter personal information to get an insurance quote.

There are lots of CPA networks that you can work with as an affiliate/publisher. Some of the most popular ones include,,,, to name a few. One thing that is required from you before you get started is to have a short interview with the CPA Network to assess your suitability to work with them. During your interview, they would probably want to know how much experience you have with affiliate marketing and what sort of traffic you will be driving to their offers.

It will help you if you have a website that has a theme related to affiliate marketing in order for you to be approved by the CPA networks.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, CPA marketing is more exclusive and sometimes difficult to get into because of the interview process. That is because most CPA networks act as middlemen between advertisers and you as an affiliate/publishers. CPA networks require you to be approved by them on certain offers that you will be sending traffic to due to their advertiser requirements.

Bear in mind that once you are approved by the CPA networks you will be assigned to an affiliate manager who will look after your interests in each of the CPA networks you sign up with.

There are basically a couple of ways that most people drive traffic for CPA offers.

– One of the most popular ways of doing this is by traffic arbitrage. This is where you buy advertising using strategies such as PPC, PPV, SEO, Social Media and Media buys etc and then send that traffic to the CPA offers you are promoting. If done right, you make money on the difference between what you pay for advertising and what you make from each genuine lead you generate to the CPA offer.

– Another model that works very well is to build a list in any chosen market, then send them CPA offers regularly. This in my opinion is the best way to make money with CPA marketing because you can market to the same list over and over again. So in other words, you pay once to get the prospect on to your list and then promote to them regularly.

Both models have their pros and cons however, in my opinion you should test extensively in each niche you go after to find out which method will work for you.

One of the crucial things you need to be aware of when promoting CPA offers is to know when a specific offer is no longer available. CPA offers have a time frame so you should liaise with your affiliate manager regularly to see which offers have expired.

There are some simple techniques and strategies you can use to cash in on CPA offers. I will suggest you pay attention to hot topics and also check out what people are searching on now and look to see if there are any CPA offers that you can promote to take advantage of the latest trends.

Timing is also a great factor when promoting CPA offers. For example if you find a hot product that you can cash in on, you might want to use paid traffic to maximise your earnings.

Finally, CPA marketing is a billion dollar business that is very easy to operate from the comfort of your own home. Advertisers need leads for their products and services so they tend to work extensively with CPA networks to achieve their goals. Do make sure you read the terms & conditions of each CPA network you sign up with to find out what is required of you as a publisher or affiliate and what type of traffic you can send to the CPA offers you wish to promote.