How To Use Fiverr To Make $200 In a Week – Finding your first clients!

Last time, we discussed about how to make up to $200 in a week using Fiverr. We identified two major powerful working tools (good communication and delivery), and even went ahead to discuss steps on how you can practice, and bring these tools alive to earn some more bucks, with lesser stress. If you missed that session, I advice you take a look; there’s so much to learn there for you to let it slip by. Read it HERE.

In this article, we shall take a different approach towards this topic, and we will explore another set of invaluable tips that can help you beat the target of $100 in a week.

NOTE!!! Every newbie or fresh starter who wants to earn money on fiverr should really take note of the contents of this write up; and same goes for already floating sellers who are suffering some decline in clientele patronage.

Ready? Let’s go.

Getting your first order

First of all, there is absolutely no way you are going to earn up to $100 in a week if you do not get sufficient orders. Getting a steady in flow of orders is a guarantee for meeting this target, because it is only then that you can employ good communication skills and delivery to get them attracted to your services; as such what do you when you are yet to engage your first sets of clientele? How can you get your first order and how can you ensure that they just don’t stop coming?

  1. Market yourself; find potential buyers!

Do not wait for buyers to locate you, if you are very good with what you do, they will eventually; but dear, that might be a long long time past one week. So if you are going to make $100 in one week, find your clients/find your buyers! Take your services to their door steps!

How can you do this?

Some of you may be all panicky about how to effect my suggestion above; fiverr do not give you an access point to communicate with buyers, in fact you may not have their contact details on the site, but do not worry, here’s a fiverr geek speaking to you, there is a way!

  • Use the buyer’s request section: This is a fiverr platform where buyers often post special requests for custom orders and it is often updated multiple times a day. Each buyer includes what they want and their budget for it. Bid there! The most interesting part is as a seller, you can send offers up to ten times, to ten different buyers a day! If your biddings are good enough, trust me you’d be on your way down to $100 dollars in no time.

How can you make bids that can get you orders?

Do not use set or already composed biddings. This won’t get you anywhere. Buyers are more likely to contact sellers whose bidding and quotes relate to their request, so don’t go all; ‘I can do this for you’ or ‘I can provide this service for you’, make it specific, what service?

But please be conscious of this; Often times, after opening your seller’s account you may see a pop up at the top left hand side of your account asking you to “Get offers from sellers for your project”; but that is not what I am talking about, in fact, do not use that button, or you will be barred or deleted; it is for buyers only and sellers are prohibited from advertising their services on the buyers request segment.

Where can you find this buyers request then?

If you are using a computer, you can get to this section by clicking once on the “selling” link on top of your account, when you do this, you will then see a couple of sections including orders, earnings, gigs etc; buyers request is second to the last on that list. If you are using the fiverr app however, you can get this easily because it is slightly under “my gigs” segment.

With $200 dollars a week, you will make up to $800 a month, and trust me; that’s a fair pay for your part-time investment on fiverr. Do not lag behind, posts containing details like this doesn’t come by easily; grab it, empower yourself and achieve your goal.

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