How To Use Fiverr To Make Up To $200 Per Week

Making some extra dollars on Fiverr is not a bad idea. As a matter of fact, a lot of freelancers earn as high as $200 per week and even more on Fiverr You can too, and the interesting part is, you don’t have to do much of the donkey and stressful jobs to achieve this!

In this article, we will share two major working secrets on how to earn up to $200 in just a week.

First of all, for those of you who may not know much about Fiverr; It is an online market place where you can offer up your services and also get/purchase services known as Fiverr gigs on a large spectrum of subjects ranging from written works, designing, and even professional advice.

If you are interested in making up to $200 dollars in a week on Fiverr, then you should read the following lines keenly!

  1. Communication Is Key!

Many freelancers often approach this with levity. As a seller on Fiverr, you need to identify that your prospective clients do not know you… Yes, all they see is a profile and some promise of good services from an entire stranger. Whether or not you will secure their Fiverr gigs depends on how you speak and communicate with them! This is also very important for anyone starting out on Fiverr; your buyers are golden, and they should be treated with utmost respect.

When you communicate with them courteously and properly, it will be easy to secure their repeated gigs, and get better prices for custom offers. In order to communicate well, pay attention to the following:

  1. Address your buyers and intending buyers respectfully and always respect their opinions.
  2. Never be too tired to explain and sell yourself and what you offer to them; the truth is, they don’t not know how good you are, convince them!
  3. Always apologies whenever your services do not meet their expectations or standards; this is inevitable, even the best of bests get asked for revision, do not view a client who asked for repeated revisions as hostile, address them courteously; most times, they just want to get what they desire, they are not after you!
  4. Use the resolution center to resolve conflicts when they occur, and even at that, remain courteous.

Am I asking you to go all ‘Sirs’ and ‘Mams’ to every buyer? YES! The truth is that, these persons will come back for more if they get a good treatment and easy flow with you. Imagine that you have 10 constant buyers who order your gigs and extras frequently; that will add up, every week! Treat them right, and they will be back and when they come back, you make more cash. It is that simple.

  1. Offer great services!

Excellence is a language that is understood everywhere, and appreciated by everyone! If your services are good enough, you will get good reviews, and when good reviews keep rolling in, many more who view your profile will be attracted to purchase your gig. On the other hand, if your services are mediocre, you will have bad reviews and buyers won’t be interested in working with you repeatedly. Offer value, and it will attract value to you! That is why if you pay attention, you will discover that most professionals on fiverr get to have up to 20 and above orders in queue while others may have none; they are simply good.

In order to do this, follow the steps below;

  1. Deliver what is requested of you in the particular specification required; the pattern you deliver to client A may get you a five star and even a tip from him but may infuriate client B. When buyers contact you, they often have specific needs, adapt your general delivery pattern to suit their specifications and you are good to go.
  2. Deliver on time! Many buyers appreciate early delivery over late ones, it will make them contact you for urgent works, and these no doubt comes with a larger pay.

Do you get what am saying? Offer great services, and more customers will be attracted to you and this will invariably widen your income.

We have discussed two major tips in this article, watch out for more, and until we come your way next time, put what you have learnt in action, and earn more! You can sign up to Fiverr here